Automate vs. Digitise

There is a very fine line between automating a process and digitising a process.

Automation optimises a business process by reducing human intervention.

Digitisation optimises a business process by reducing the amount of paper used in the process.

When a company combines both to optimise their processes, the act is now described as digital automation.

As lame as it may sound, but even with all the digital automation that has been rapidly increasing in the business process through contributions of all tech giants and startups, there is a level that yet remains to be covered.

The challenge is more geographical than technical.

It’s the ground level, where the field is. That is why one region or country will always be different from another.

Thanks to mobile, that is exactly what everyone’s eyes are now opening up to. Because of that, innovation is now directed at reassessing each industry to see what could be covered and how to improve businesses’ processes. The fact is, it is the last missing link in achieving the elevation of customer satisfaction and service.

It is also that same ground level where we immediately recognise how much human interaction we want to retain, and how much we are okay with letting go of.

Purely from a commercial point of view, yes, this is the playing field of where the likes of drones, mobiles and cards are being explored at the moment.

So, in every area being explored right now, the pertaining question is: Do we digitise this part, or do we automate it, or do we blend both?

I think the answer will always be: it depends, followed by putting the area in question under a microscope.

What is exciting about this time is this is where technology, media and all of us, as members of the global society, are trying to find a meeting point.