Welcome to nGage U

Thank you for dropping by our site.

As a startup, we pondered for a while on how we can jumpstart our blog. In the end we thought it only fair to give away a small summary of our story.

Before we go into that, be warned:

1- It might not end up being amusing


2- It’s not finished yet… it just started. For those of us who grew up watching Japanese cartoons, you will always see a つづく… The day you don’t see this, our story will be finished.

The team was brought together sometime back in August 2014. It was a dark, stormy night… lol

Primarily focused on the Middle East, we noticed how, with so many apps, there yet remains a part of the bridge connecting mobile to our practical daily lives yet to be covered. Moreover, whatever is currently covered, it’s still fragmented.

And that’s where our story begins, our quest to help cross that bridge. While technology is very well known to be the most disruptive industry, the time it takes for people to adopt the technology isn’t. Please do not be mislead by this, yes as a team at nGage-U, we are in love with the technology roller coaster, but we make sure that we get one thing straight: if it isn't smooth and convenient for you, then it isn't for us either.

If you mix that, with some passion, a little bit of creativity, a lot of dedication to listening and understanding, and a pinch salt, that’s the nGage-U team for you. We hope you like what we try to build here.

Genuinely Yours,

The nGageU Team